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Stop Spending - Start Recognizing

Let's talk about reverse engineering, your event.

When you're throwing an event; you're usually having a celebration, in which all of those who are attending are extremely excited and want to celebrate a life altering accomplishment.

But when you are throwing a celebratory events, it becomes increasingly difficult to find out what is important to throwing a successful event.

To some, it is measured in money - to others, it is measured in the people that they keep, and those who attend.

But to most, it's about social structure.


Realistically, in our social world, everybody is more focused on what their event looked like, as opposed to what it actually was. We took away and stripped down the worst parts of what throwing a party is like and we completely deconstructed what it takes to have a successful event.

When you throw these events. You start realizing that money stacks up and you're going to spend anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000 on things that don't matter.

How do I know this?

Quite simply, it's because I'm experiencing it myself.

I'm getting married. This coming July of 2020. And I came to realize that more people are surrounded by the expectations of what's happening at your events, more than actually why they're attending.

So how do you impress those who are looking for the materialistic points of view and get them to engage in your celebratory points of view? How do you get your grandparents to smile as well as your two year old nephew or niece?

How do you make your cousins part of something. When you don't even know if your brother or sister should be part of it?

The truth is, you start off with what's important - the people that are attending the event.


The first thing you need to do before you take any step in anything, is to come to the conclusion that there are certain people who are important to you.

If you start questioning your relationship with that person you should most likely not have them there.

Of course that's going to bring controversy within the family and friends; but remember, the ultimate goal is to celebrate an event.

Our goal is to shift the dynamic.

To find the right formula for a successful, fun, and engaging party.

Let's look at some facts.

Some of the most expensive elements that have to go into any event, really are the things that don't matter to your guests.


When I say that, I mean that they are not going to be affected if you have those elements or not. And they will most likely not remember that you had that element, when they leave the party.

Some examples of things that don't affect your guests:

- An overpriced venue

- Overpriced Invitations

- Large Decor Pieces

- Flowers

- etc.

Things that are important:

- Food.

- Entertainment

- Engagement

- Photography

- Pretty much anything that is going to create an experience for those attending your party

Ironically, the majority of things that are important are generally looked at as a last resort.

I don't want to get into the specifics of why that is, but if I had to take a guess, I'd summarize it by saying there's an expectation that these elements are going to create a good experience, regardless of pricing - whereas the more expensive ones are going to be determined based on quality that is pitched by a salesperson to tell you that their product is better than the other.

They always say, get the big stuff out of the way first.

But if we deconstruct your party like we're doing right now, you'd realize that the most important things are the big stuff, which is like I listed earlier, the entertainment, food, alcohol, and the people that's around you.

So why do we leave it last.

Whenever I speak to a bride or groom. My number one thing I asked them is, has anybody ever told you why they wanted to be part of your wedding.

Whenever I speak to a bar bar mitzvah. I always tell them when they go back to school to begin bragging about their party.

You quickly find out who really cares and who's really excited about your event.

These are the people who are going to set your party to the next standard to the next level.

If your entertainment, or your other vendors do not share, and the excitement that some of your guests have.

Quite simply, you should not hire them

now realize I haven't even gone into the statistics or the numerical value of any of these services yet.

The reason why I have it is because I needed you to realize that none of that is really important until you come to terms with what is important. And that is the people who are going to be attending your event.

So before you write out a check or before you do anything else. I encourage you to start asking yourself this simple question.

Who am I bringing to my event that is going to make it that much special.

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