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Need Wedding Entertainment? You’ll Need To Know This…

In today’s wedding world, 10-12% of your total wedding budget will account for 90% success of your wedding reception. Here's why...

Everyone is a DJ. Your Uncle is in a band. You LOVE Country music. You have a kick-ass Spotify playlist. You and your fiancé are two completely differently people when it comes to music.

Don’t worry, this is going to go smoothly.

If you’re reading this article, then we’re going to assume that you haven’t fully committed to any entertainment for you event. Now, if you already have, then keep reading and make sure you picked the right people.

Let’s go ahead and begin this fun journey together!

You’re engaged, you chose a venue - now you just need the best entertainment possible. Sound familiar?

Here’s good news and bad news

Good news - You have tons of options to choose from

Bad News - 99% of them say and do the same thing.

Why is this important to know? The simple answer is don’t waste time. Choosing your entertainment is one of the most important things you will do for you wedding. Before you meet with wedding entertainment vendors, you MUST ask yourself the following question, “What kind of party do I want to have?” Every party is different because YOU are different. How you and your guests interact with each other may be entirely different from what the entertainment service is willing to offer you. Let’s give an example:

Are you more of a party animal? Do you just want an open bar, great people and sick energy all night?

Are you more classy? Enjoy great conversation with the occasional fun dance set? Do you guests genuinely enjoy dancing?

Are you more about the sanctity of marriage? Do you want to be more upscale, elegant, and distinguished?

Why is this important? Simply put - because your entertainment should accommodate your vision and enhance your experience.

First thing you need to do - be STRAIGHTFORWARD with the type of party you want to have. Review your guest list, think of other events you’ve attended with these guests and BE REALISTIC to what is possible at your party. If 90% of your guests enjoy fine dining more than a high energy party, then do not break the bank on a high energy DJ. Make sense right?

In today’s wedding world, 10-12% of your total wedding budget will account for 90% success of your wedding reception.

Now, don’t confuse this with not finding out what these vendors can do for you. A majority of these entertainment companies will inform you of what is expected to happen during the reception. The trick in finding the BEST one, is finding out their unique selling point (what they do different from others). Of course you should look at reviews and see their website and social media; just make sure you make a call to them. Speak to a real representative who could be doing your event when you know what kind of party you want.

Here’s what NOT to do.

Do NOT go with the same entertainment that your friend had just because they gave them a great deal.

Do NOT allow close family or friend negotiate or choose the entertainment for you

Do NOT think that entertainment is cheap - this is the biggest investment you’ll make for your wedding in regards to the success of your party.

Do NOT chase entertainment with no experience doing weddings or private events

Do NOT choose someone solely off one piece of information (Social Media, Website, Wedding Websites like The Knot or WeddingWire, etc.) do your research!

Do NOT choose someone who does not relate to you in some way. Be relevant with the people who are going to be chosen for your entertainment.


Why do you want to perform at our wedding?

How are you going to interact with the older guests at our party?

How updated is your music and where do you get it from?

What can you do to make my event different?

Where can I find some of your work?

Do these things and we PROMISE that you will have the most successful wedding party ever.

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