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Can’t Pay For Your Wedding? The Bank Can!

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Yes, you read that right….. Sort’ve. 😆

What if we told you that you can have your dream wedding by making a quick call to your bank?


Now before we continue, we’re going to give you some hard truths; so if you’re squeamish to controversial topics, best to exit out now and stop reading.

In today's world, throwing a successful wedding vary greatly in opinion. To some, throwing an upscale dining experience mixed with celebrity entertainment will result in having a successful party. To others, ordering 20-pizzas, $500 worth of liquor bottles, and a kick ass Spotify playlist will create the greatest experience ever.

We know, those are two extremes; but that’s how people think.

When we watch aspirational people getting married, such as royalty, celebrities or the wealthy, we are watching the ‘dream’ wedding come true right in front of our eyes. This is the misconception created by the media to make people believe that they too can afford and have the same elements these people are having. Keep in mind, not only can the wealthy afford these luxuries, they’re doing it for a bigger purpose - maintaining their public image and stature.

So if you’re the type of person who wants to show off or relish in the dreams of others, then this is what you need to do -- call the bank!

Incredibly, and somewhat irrationally, you are able to take a loan out for what the bank would refer to as “wedding expenses.”

We get it, it’s the greatest day of your life, it’s a one time thing, it’s been your dream forever…. Continue cliche sayings.

Just know this special day is going to be making you pay for a long time.

The average interest on these loans are about 10-13% according (assuming you have decent to good credit). Now, that may not seem like a lot and you’re probably thinking, “we can pay it over time.” So who cares if you’re gonna spend another 10k over 5-6 years! That’s a small number, right?

Here’s the harsh reality -- you just increased your wedding spending, without increasing the value or experience for you or your guests, by making it ‘easier’ to pay for it.

To be very clear, we do not condone budgeting your event to have a lesser experience, we actually want you to spend your money wisely to help enhance your experience for everyone in attendance.

So is it a good idea to take out a personal loan for your wedding? We can’t answer that for you - that’s entirely up to you. Just know that it is an option. If you ask our opinion, it’s very simple - you don’t have to do it to make your dream wedding come true.

This is what you need - Good people who want to be there to celebrate you! That is what a wedding is supposed to be. Everything else should be focused on making you and your guests happy.

So call the bank….. If you want to.

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