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These 3 Things Will Make Or Break Your Wedding


BS Wedding Promo:

It’s going to kick some serious a** and everyone is going to talk about it for years to come! You'll need the best of everything. You’ll have to spend a huge amount of money to make everything perfect, but it will all be worth it! They’re going to remember everything, from your vows to the last dance song!! How excited are you?!


They’ll only remember 3 things.

*insert face palm slap*

Let's get real for a second, your wedding is extremely important to you and your family - but they won't remember everything. Don't believe us? Do a test! I want you to ask your aunts, uncles, grandparents and anybody who attended your parents wedding what kind of flowers they had. Even better, ask to see invitations!

Realistically, it's impossible to determine what people are going to take away at your wedding. Luckily, there are statistics that determine what people remember most about a wedding.

Here are the top 3! (No specific order)

Wedding dress Great Entertainment Food/Venue

Why these 3? Because they all leave a memory with your guests. Let's break it down piece-by-piece:

Wedding dress:

Ladies, this is particularly for you! Every woman attending your wedding, whether they are family, friends, or plus-ones, are all going to (for lack of a better word) judge your wedding dress. Your beauty is a prime focal point of the entire day.

Emotionally, it triggers opinions of how you look, leaving a lasting impression of your wedding day. Does this mean you need to spend more money on your dress?! NO; just remember this is how people will remember you at your wedding ;).


Ironically, this is a one sided swing. Most people won't remember if the food was good, but they will remember if the food was bad.

If you ask someone what they had at your wedding 5 years later, we’re willing to put money that they won't remember. So why is it important? Because it’s tied into the SERVICE at your wedding.

Your venue has to create a comfortable feel, with hospitable workers to make your guests feel welcome. When you have a wedding at your venue, you are hosting all of your family and friends.

Think of it this way: if you have guests over, how would you want them to feel? Do you want them to eat bad food, make them wait for a drink, or be uncomfortable?

This all ties in with your venue. Take a personal approach when choosing your venue, after all - it costs the most!


Here is the real kicker. Nobody will remember who the DJ/band was, but they will remember the result!! This, above all, has proven to make the longest lasting impression. Why?


Think about it! Entertainment is the only part, outside of a religious ceremony, that your guests get to be active at. It creates an “importance factor” and the right entertainment will involve all of your guests.

Not every DJ/Band is the same - as a matter of fact, they're some who are not meant to be entertaining a wedding. If you're looking for just someone to play music, save your money and pay your venue to turn on their house system and enjoy a lovely cocktail reception!

How to choose GREAT Entertainment

You're probably saying, “well what about photography and video?! I see tons of brides say how important it is!”

Correct - and it is important: TO YOU

These products are meant to REMIND people of your wedding, but they won't create memories - they capture them!

We recommend getting a great photographer so you have something physical to take home to show those who couldn't make it to your wedding;

But if you want people to BRAG about your wedding, focus on the top 3!

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